PayU is a leading payment services provider with presence in 16 growth markets across the world.

Local experts in online payments in global growth markets

How will we support your business?

Global payment solutions

Are you an internationally active company? With PayU, a single implementation is enough to reach up to 2.2 billion potential customers.

Our local experts operate worldwide

We are experts in the markets where we operate. You do not need to know all the details about the country. Focus on your business, others we will solve for you.

Safety is our priority

We have all necessary certificates securing  information transfers and possible fraudulent transactions successfully detects our anti-fraud module.

Use our payments verified many times

Payment cards

We service debit and credit cards, domestic and foreign ones. Offering card payment, you may obtain conversion of the level of even 93%!

Multi-currency payments

Presentation of product prices and payment in different currencies. Your customers pay in their currency and you make settlements in CZK.

Bank transfer

Bank Transfer - Payment method used by up to 40% of Czech internet users paying on-line.

PayU | Mobile

PayU Payments with one click in your mobile apps.

For your industry

Specially designed solutions for effective service of the customers of your company


Do you run an online shop with clothes, shoes or accessories? Check how to do it even more effectively.

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Are you a company running on-line bets, lottery games or casinos? We have tailored solutions for you that meet the requirements of the new lottery law.

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Food & Drinks

Do you have a grocery store? See how you can help us make it easier for customers to pay for your services.

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E-services and transport

Do you deal with sales of tickets, transport or courier services? We have the solutions that will be effective in your business.

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Do you offer online insurance? Our instant notification of insurance reimbursement will help you activate your customer's insurance as quickly as possible.

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