Five tips on how to increase your e-shop's revenue
Barbora Tyllová, country manager PayU for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

If you have an e-shop and consider how to attract more customers and increase conversion rates and sales, we have prepared some tips for you.

They are based on the practice of thousands of online merchants who cooperate with PayU,  the leading payment service provider on seventeen growing markets of the world. Only in the Czech Republic every fourth online transaction on e-shops is paid via PayU.

Direct way to the goal

Keep your website in a simple, clear way so that the customer always knows what to click on. Categories and filters should lead him the shortest way. Do not let the customer to guess what to do on the page. Remove anything that could confuse him. The customer often spends only a few moments on the web, and any obstacle may be the reason for him to leave. Keep in mind that the customer came to your e-shop to buy something. He does not plan to register or answer any set of questions before the transaction, unless he has a strong reason to do so.

Support one click payments

The reality is that dozens of customers do not complete the purchase. Reasons can be various, one of the most common is also a payment. That's why it's especially important to have a fast and simple payment system. The goal of PayU is to make this step as easy and smooth as possible. That's why online merchants cooperating with PayU in Europe have Google Pay on their websites and in mobile apps. Thanks to this their customers can pay on all devices (smartphones and computers) regardless of the operating system, browser or bank. Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) is a simple and fast way to pay with a card that does not need to be entered every time. Card details are securely stored by Google.

Communicate with the customer after the transaction

Just as it's important not to break the transaction process for the customer and make sure the way to a successful payment it is as easy as possible, it's also good to let him know what's next. It does not make sense to overwhelm him by communication. However, your customer will surely appreciate to have information e.g. about his successful payment. The customer gave confidence to the e-shop, wants to track his order and know when he gets what he paid for.

Expand best north and southeast of the Czech border

Although the Czech online market has been growing for many years, other markets have even greater potential. Whoever wants to grow should go to Poland, Romania, Hungary or Slovakia with an e-shop. We support our clients abroad by our new services and products. One of them is, for example, the PayU Hub, which makes it easy for e-shops to expand abroad because it facilitates international payments as well.

Think about mobiles and tablets

It is also important to think about the growing use of mobile devices. Only within PayU every fourth purchase and related payment is processed on a mobile device nowadays. This is the average value of all trades, but there are stores where the dynamics and share of mobile devices is much higher. In addition, this trend will certainly increase in the future. You should think about the navigation of the customer through your e-shop, especially when paying.