The most popular online shopping time in 2018 was Monday morning
Barbora Tyllová, country manager PayU for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

The biggest online shopping fever started in the morning after Czechs came to work. In 2018, on weekdays between 9:00 and 10:00, was the most popular shopping time on the Internet.

The second most popular time for online shopping was the evening hour between 20:00 and 21:00. It is based on PayU´s data.

During the year, if sales were not influenced by significant marketing events, Monday was the strongest online shopping day. The volume of purchases started to decline since Tuesday. The weakest day was Saturday when online sales were sometimes three times lower than on Monday. On Sunday they started to grow fast again.

By far the most powerful shopping day of the past year was the black Friday, November 23, when the volume of online payments grew by 80 percent compared to the same day of the previous year. The second strongest day of the year was Sunday, November 25. The whole black weekend was the absolute peak of the online shopping season.

The second strongest period of the year was Monday 10.12. to Wednesday 12.12. The last pre-Christmas peak was on Monday, December 17, then the interest in online shopping visibly dropped. Shopping fever started with seasonal sales after the holidays again. However, tt had not been as strong as in November and weeks before Christmas.

Czech customers started to shop online in advance, mainly due to concerns about logistics capabilities during December. The strongest month of the year was November, during which purchases were also supported by massive e-shops campaigns such as Black Friday or free shipping days. November also had the highest average amount of transactions, which was about 13 % above the yearly average. The second strongest month of the year was December, followed by January. The weakest for online shopping was February and Summer.

Even though the summer months were weakest online shopping season, online sales of swimming pools and accessories and also payments for travel insurance, trips, parking payments at the airport, or sale of tickets for trains and buses, increased during this period of time.