Over 37 % Czech e-shops operate abroad. What about yours?
Barbora Tyllová, country manager PayU for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Over 37 % Czech e-shops operate abroad. What about yours?

There are more than 40 000 e-shops in the Czech Republic, the most in Europe per 1 000 inhabitants. It is understandable that in this situation Czech merchants find opportunities in other countries. Based on numbers of PayU most Czech e-shops have expanded to Slovakia. This is the easiest first step.

Every year there are more new traders in more than four countries. Some e-shops with Czech owners trade already in ten or more countries. They have an e-shop in several language versions and they use one payment gateway. Thanks to this the expansion is very easy for them. 

Regarding expansion to other countries, Czech e-shops are the most active in the region.  Currently, 37,6 % of Czech online stores sell their goods and services abroad. It is the highest number in Central and Eastern Europe. Only 7.7 % of online stores in Poland and 15,5 % Hungarian e-shop sell their goods and services abroad. The average in EU is 16,6 %. It is based on numbers of Statista, Eurostat and PayU.

Increasing expansion is also visible in the number of cross-border transactions of Czech e-shops. It has risen by 70% last year, while the total number of transactions increased by 20%.

PayU supports merchants also with easy cross border payments thanks to PayU Hub platform which can manage card transactions in any currency and any credit card issued in any country. At the same time, our PayU Hub customers can easily make online payments worldwide through more than 300 local payment methods (alternative to cards). And the e-shop just needs to integrate a single API. Moreover, payments can be processed via local settlement centres, which is favourable both for the customers and merchants.