PayU and Google Pay help to increase conversion rates in e-shops
Barbora Tyllová, country manager PayU for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

One of the least pleasant situations on e-shops is the unfinished order of a customer who has already chosen the goods but has not bought it finally. Dozens of customers do not complete the buying process and one of the most common reasons is also the payment.

Our goal in PayU is to make this step easier and smooth. Online retailers cooperating with PayU in Europe have been granted access to a new form of payment in their websites as well as in mobile applications. Payments using Google Pay can be made on all devices (smartphones and computers), regardless of the operating system or browser.

Watch the following video to see how this payment method works:

Thanks to the enhanced Google Pay integration in PayU, both merchants and customers will benefit. The main advantage is faster online payment for a customer, without having to redirect to the payment gateway page, leading to a higher conversion rate. Merchants also have the option of using additional customer data, such as contact information or delivery addresses.

Google Pay can be integrated very simply, as you can see in the video:

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have, and we believe that the PayU integration of Google Pay will help them increase the conversion rate significantly.

Developers who want to know more about Google Pay can sign up for launchathon on the Google Pay APIpage to learn everything about the Google Pay API enhanced integration for Google Pay during the all-day event.