PayU provides payments to Poštovné on eleven markets
Barbora Tyllová, country manager PayU for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

PayU provides payments to Poštovné on eleven markets

There are over 40,000 e-shops on the Czech market, and the most successful ones most often grow through expansion to other countries. An example is Ateli, which runs a website with a shopping gallery ShipGratis. It acts as a platform through which vendors can deliver their goods to customers in all the markets in which they operate. Currently, it is a total of 11 European countries, including Turkey and Ukraine. But the group also has an office in China.


“We are opening one to two new markets every six months. Soon we are going to the Russian Federation or Greece, for example,“ says Ateli CEO Tomáš Česal. According to him, a good online payment solution works reliably across borders and belongs to the main condition of success in e-commerce. It is part of a good localization of services on the markets. In online payments, Ateli has been working with PayU for two years. Payy is one of the most important online payment players on the Czech market and it combines strong global background with good knowledge of many local markets. PayU focuses on creating a fast, simple and effective payment process for merchants and buyers, offering more than 250 payment methods.

“Our mutual cooperation is working mainly thanks to a great account manager Ivana Kupková and up-to-date access of PayU to new technologies. As the first shopping platform in the Czech Republic, thanks to them, we were able to deploy Apple Pay and our customers started to use it very much from day one. Only very few payment intermediaries can flexibly respond to our demanding requirements, in the technological and expansive sense, just as PayU does,” says Tomáš Česal.

Good customer care for services includes, in addition to smooth payments, quality translations of product descriptions and manuals. And reliable logistics thanks to which the goods will quickly arrive to customers from the Czech or Bulgarian warehouse of the company.