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Food & drinks – food delivery

100% on-line payments

What do we do for your industry?

Use the modern solutions for your company

We provide simple and safe payments for food delivery vertical, in Czech Republic and abroad.

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Payment cards

We service debit and credit cards, domestic and foreign ones. Offering card payment, you may obtain conversion of the level of even 93%!

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PayU | PayTouch

One-click payment on the telephone without leaving of your mobile application.

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PayU | Express

One-click payment in half a second, without entry of the payment card data. The buyer saves the data only once and pays for the subsequent orders in a blink of an eye.

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Electronic transfer (Pay-buy-link)

Pre-completed payment order made instantly. You receive the payment receipt immediately.

You can also do it like that!

Using trends in consumer behaviour, AmRest launched an online ordering platform from KFC and Pizza Hut. The cost of the investment came back in 3 months! Starbucks mobile payments implementation has also been successful. Expectations eventually exceeded six times. Without cooperation with PayU it would not be possible.