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Questions and answers

Whom are the links to payment dedicated to?

The functionality is a perfect solution for the companies offering individual realisation of orders and their valuation; an example here are inter alia travel agencies preparing an individual offer for the customers. The service will also be effective in the shops where the level of abandonment of baskets is high.

What should the message with the link to payment contain?

The form and the content is up to you. The key element is insertion of the generated link to payment (link to the PayU website containing the order details, the amount and the payment methods) in the e-mail. Here, you will find an example message sent by the seller or service provider in order to remind about payment or to encourage to completion of the purchases.

How long is the generated link to payment valid?

The time of life of the payment link is determined in seconds. The minimum value is one second (1) while the maximum one is three months (8,035,200 seconds).

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