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Reach the foreign customers, providing them with fixed and certain price of products and services

Sale in any currency means a lot of benefits

How does it work?

Technical documentation

1. After redirecting to the payment gateway, click on "Change currency"
2. Select one of these currencies
3. Fill in your credit card details and click "Pay"

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Questions and answers

In what currencies is it possible to pay?

The Multi-Currency service supports most of the common European currencies and foreign languages, current list can be obtained in technical documentation. For companies operating also outside of European market we offer payments all over the world through a single API thanks to our global platform PayU Hub.

Who may use the multi-currency payments?

This service is available for all Czech companies that would like to present the prices of their products in various currencies and facilitate payment therein, at the same time not incurring any foreign exchange risk and not having to make the settlements in various currencies.

In what currency does the return of the money take place?

In case of withdrawal from a distance agreement, the money is returned in the selected foreign currency.

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