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Does the PayU | Mobile service guarantees the security of the transactions?

The buyer enters their data and the data of their payment card only once in secure PayU environment. It is also possible to register by means of PayU account. The card data is processed in an individual identifier, with the use of which the user may make the payments. The identifier (so-called token) is provided to the shop application. The number (token) is saved in the customer’s account in the shop.

How long does the payment take?

Payment is made by means of one click. The user must only click the icon: ‘pay’ and the entire transaction is performed automatically. The last used payment method is remembered by the system and used upon every next transaction. The buyer does not have to perform any additional activities. The user has also the possibility to change the default payment method at any moment.

Is the use PayU | Mobile possible in every country of Europe?

Yes, the application may be used all over the world.

Does the application have various language versions?

At present, PayU | Mobile is in Czech, Polish and English language version and we are working on creation of other language versions.

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