Every client has to be verified according to a law.

Physical Identification

Physical Identification

PayU is an obliged entity due to anti money laundering law (Act Nr. 253/2008) and has obliged to identify its client prior to entering into contract.

PayU must perform the initial identification of a customer who is a natural person, as well as any natural person acting on behalf of a customer which is a legal person in personal presence of the identified person.

Alternatively customer can provide us with a record from the notary, who performed the identification according to relevant provision of AML law (please see below).


§ 10 - Identification by notary shall contain:

A public notary makes a record of identification (which becomes a public document), and shall include the following:

a) the name of the person performing the identification, name of the requesting person (PayU S.A.), and purpose of such identification- (agreement about using payment system PayU),

b) customer’s identification data (name, surname, permanent or other residence, birth identification number or date of birth of the identified person, in case of an identification of a legal person also its business or corporate name, an appendix to the business name or any other identification features, a business identification number of the person, and a registered office,

c) declaration of the identified person that he agrees that identification was correctly performed,

d) the place and date of the identification,

e) the signature of the identifying person, an official stamp, and a serial number in the log of identification deeds.

As an appendix to the identification deed, the obliged entity shall make copies of relevant parts of documents used for the identification and bearing identification data and photo of identified person, type and serial number of the identity card, issuing country and institution, and validity of ID card. Should this procedure be used to identify a proxy, the power of attorney or its certified copy shall be attached as an appendix. All appendices shall be attached to the identification record to make a complete file.


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