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By law, the identity of every client must be verified.

Physical Identification

Physical Identification

Process of physical identification is governed by AML law of the given country. If you are a legal entity registered in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary, please follow the procedures listed below. In other cases, please contact us.

Physical identification in Czech Republic

Pursuant to Act No. 253/2008 Coll., on certain measures against the legalization of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism (so-called anti-money laundering law), PayU is obliged to identify all of its clients to whom the PayU payment service is provided.

That is why we are asking you to perform identification: via Czech POINT (option A) or by a notary (option B) or at the address below at Heureka Shopping s.r.o. in Liberec (option C)

In order to perform an identification of a legal person, a person authorized to act on behalf of the company listed in an extract from the Commercial Register must be present.

In the event that two or more executives act jointly on behalf of the company, it is necessary for all these persons to be present for identification.

Bring with you:

  • a valid identity document (identity card, passport),
  • if acting under the power of attorney on behalf of a legal person, the original or a certified copy of the power of attorney signed by the principal,
  • if you represent a legal entity, the original of the extract from the Commercial Register (can be downloaded in electronic form at in the left part: "Veřejný rejstřík"), for the identification of a foreign legal entity also bring an extract from the Commercial Register no older than 3 months in English,
  • for Options A, C a pre-filled identification form for a legal person or a natural person (depending on whether you have a company structure or are a natural person - entrepreneur, respectively).
  • For Option B, we also recommend that you bring the form for mediated identification from the Ministry of Finance website, which enables the notary to perform the identification; however, do not fill out this form. The notary will perform the identification without delay. 
  • Add a filled-in and signed Statement on being a politically exposed person if you are a natural person or a Statement of the beneficial owner of the company if you are representing a legal person. These forms are only to be filled in, printed and signed, and do not need to be certified in any way.

Option A

Option A - mediated identification via Czech POINT

You can come to any of the following addresses to perform the identification in person:

A list of post offices providing Czech POINT services can be found here.

The administrative fee for issuing a public document is 200 CZK.

Where to submit the identification:

Please send the documents to the following address:

PayU S.A., CZ Office, Antala Staška 2027/77, Praha 4, PSČ 140 00, Czech Republic

Option B

Option B - mediated identification through a notary

Performing the identification is charged by the notary. Item "T" of the Notarial tariff imposes a fee of 1,000 CZK for drawing up a public document of identification.

Where to submit the identification:

Please send the documents to the following address:

PayU S.A., CZ Office, Antala Staška 2027/77, Praha 4, PSČ 140 00, Czech Republic

Option C

Option C - identification in person at Heureka Shopping s.r.o. in Liberec

You can come to the following address to perform the identification:

Heureka Shopping s.r.o. (, SYNER Palace - 4th floor, Rumunská 655/9, Liberec 4, 460 01

Where to submit the identification:

You do not need to send the documents; we will keep them after you perform the identification.

Physical identification in Slovakia

Physical identification of the merchant with legal entity in Slovakia happens through a third party (Dropick company). If you are interested, please contact your sales representative or support.

Physical identification in Hungary

Merchant with legal entity in Hungary has to deliver to PayU:

  • Current excerpt from the commercial register
  • Verification transfer
  • Scan of ID for sole traders or representative’s ID - if there is no information about its date of birth in the commercial register
  • Documents confirming who is the beneficial owner (this might be in the commercial register, in some cases we accept merchant’s statement)

Thank you for your cooperation